Press Release

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               Ready to earn $150K on your next vacation? The Caribbean Diving Bureau has a challenge for you. Find the Javez Hernandez’s wheel hidden underwater and the $150k prize is yours!

               In order to promote tourism and create awareness surrounding the vast treasure trove of sights available to recreational scuba divers in the Caribbean, the Caribbean Diving Bureau announces the Javez Hernandez’s wheel challenge. The Javez Hernandez wheel has been secretly concealed at one of the many scuba attractions in the region. It can only be found by uncovering and deciphering a series of clues that have also been hidden underwater.

               “Our market research has shown that diving enthusiasts are unaware of the number of incredible diving opportunities the Caribbean offers,” says Sal Gomez, Caribbean Diving Bureau director. “This contest will showcase the vast number of islands, reefs, and wrecks in the area. Finding Javez Hernandez’s wheel won’t be easy!”

               To find the wheel and claim the prize, you’ll need to follow a treasure hunt style series of clues. The exact number and nature of clues is secret. The first clue is somewhere the smallest wreck at Butler Bay on St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. After that, you’re on your own!

               The $150,000 prize money has been put up by the Bureau, along with the tourism ministries of local island governments according to the tourism accords.

               “The contest itself will also bring an economic boon to the region,” Gomez adds. “We expect numerous divers from the U.S., Europe, and South America to come participate, generating millions of dollars in revenue for our member businesses. This itself will make the contest a worthwhile investment, and the advertising will be a benefit for the future as well.”

               Javez Hernandez was a beloved divemaster scuba instructor and also a leader in Caribbean tourism. He served as President of the Caribbean Diving Bureau from 1998- 2012. In his honor, the original wheel of his diveboat has been selected for this contest.