Frequently Asked Questions

& Contest Rules

How deep is the wheel hidden?

The wheel is hidden less than 20m deep, accessible to recreational divers of moderate training and skill. All clues are at a maximum of this depth.

How do I get started?

The first clue is located on the smallest wreck at Butler Bay on St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. That clue will lead you to others, and eventually lead you to Javez Hernandez’s wheel

How do I claim the prize?

Find Javez Hernandez’s wheel in its hiding place underwater in the Caribbean, then bring it to the Bureau office in Puerto Rico to claim the prize.

When does the contest take place?

The wheel was secretly put in place in July 2020. The first clue will be installed sometime in September of 2020. After that official notice will be placed on this website that the contest has begun.

Who can participate?

This contest is open to anyone except for employees of the Caribbean Diving Bureau, ministries of tourism sponsoring the contest, and their immediate families.

Where are the clues? Do I need to be based at a particular port?

Clues may be located in any of the common diving areas in the Caribbean, from Puerto Rico to Grenada. You can launch from any port in the Caribbean. You can use your own boat and equipment or rent from the many local providers.

Will special equipment be needed to bring the wheel to the surface?

No special equipment should be required. You may use a liftbag for assistance if you like.

What stops someone from making a fake Javez Hernandez’s wheel to claim the prize?

We placed a special rfid card inside the wheel so we can verify you are bringing the one that was hidden.