The Caribbean diving prize

Win $150,000

Be the first to find Javez Hernandez’s wheel

The Prize

The Caribbean Diving Prize consists of $150,000 cash to the first diver to find Javez Hernandez’s wheel. The wheel has been carefully hidden underwater, and can only be found by following a progression of underwater clues. For more information, see our FAQ’s.  

Javez Hernandez’s wheel

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The Sponsor

The Caribbean Diving Prize is sponsored by the Caribbean Diving Bureau in cooperation with local ministries of tourism. The goal of this contest is to create greater global awareness of the vast diving opportunities the Caribbean region offers, and also to generate an influx of divers seeking the prize which will generate an economic stimulus for the region.

Javez Hernandez

Javez Hernandez was a divemaster, scuba instructor, and leader in Caribbean tourism. He served as President of the Caribbean Diving Bureau from 1998-2012.  The original wheel of his diveboat has been selected for this contest in his honor.